Meet the Team

Will Marlow – Founder and President

Will Marlow is one of the original Google Trusted Photographers who were asked by Google to create virtual tours of local businesses to feature on Google Maps, Google Street View, and Google Places (now Google+ Local).

In addition to creating Google virtual tours, Will Marlow is a digital marketing consultant.  He is certified by Google as a Google Analytics Qualified Individual, and a Google AdWords Qualified Individual, and he helps clients run innovative, creative and profitable Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns.  Through Will Marlow, LLC, Will consults with clients on diverse digital marketing issues, including Google AdWords, SEO, Public Relations, and website “conversion” and landing page optimization.

Will started his career as a public relations professional, and served as Press Secretary to a Congressman on Capitol Hill.  He served as Congressman Doc Hastings’ Press Secretary, and as Congressman Frank Wolf’s Director of Online Communication.  Since leaving Capitol Hill, he has helped clients gain coverage in major publications like The Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, The LA Times, The Times of London, and The Wall Street Journal.

If you want to read more of Will’s marketing thoughts, you should visit his marketing blog here, or follow him on Twitter here, where he is followed by more than 7,000 people.

Myles Marlow – Google Photographer

Myles Marlow is an international man of mystery, and wearer-of-many-hats. In addition to advising companies of all sizes on such things as Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, and brand strategy, he has also created Google virtual tours for some of Northern Virginia’s most recognized and loved businesses, including the Action Music and Metro 29 Diner.

Candice Rose – Client Support Specialist

Candice Rose is a social media strategist who is followed by over 4,000 people on Twitter.  She is helping Arlington County use social media to communicate more effectively with senior citizens, and she is an expert on “post-processing” digital photography, and stitching panoramic tours together.